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Leanne said:
As of this morning, lost 14 lbs. on the Advance Plan. Feel great! Hope everyone else is having same or better results.

2010-07-19 08:03:33

Bev said:
As of 7/21 lost 13 lbs on Advance Plan. I have more energy and feel really good. I have lost a total of 10 inches in my measurements which is great.

2010-07-22 18:27:12

Leanne said:
Go Mom (Bev)! The loss has slowed a bit, but still feel great. I have a couple of friends at work that are trying to eat healthier based on what I’ve shared. They are getting good results too.

2010-07-26 13:11:29

Ann said:
I am on the core plan and have now lost 14 pounds since starting this great plan. I am now biking 13 miles five to six times a week and am loving it. I feel ten times better and my clothes fit nicer. I am so grateful to Lyssa for all her encouragement that keeps me going! Thanks Lyssa!

2010-07-29 08:29:45

Theresa said:
I am on the core plan and I am down 15 pounds. It is great to be feeling better and to have my family noticing the difference in me.

2010-07-29 13:13:36

KrisTina said:
I’m down 12 total, but only 7 since the weigh in. I was too excited to get started to “weight” till we could weight in. We are loving being sugar free and find that we read alot more labels now.

2010-07-29 16:39:04

Tony said:
I am on the core plan and I’m down 10 lbs. I like having the organic veggies come every week to help me stick to eating healthy.

2010-07-29 19:06:23

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