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What Patients Are Saying

When I hobbled in just over two years ago, I felt 78 years old! Now I feel 24 years old. I am actually 36. Regular Chiropractic Care from Adjust to Health have given me my life back. I feel Better!

– Ann B.

Can walk better, more flexible, lowered blood pressure and less pain! Better outlook on life! I can stand for longer periods of time and better balance.

– Audrey M.

Deeper more restful sleep. Better flexibility and fewer headaches. More stable emotionally and digestive system.

– Mary M.

Adam is ADHD.Since we been coming to Adjust to Health Chiropractic, Adam has been off his meds! Things are great at home and school.

– Mrs. J

Since becoming a patient my leg symptoms have improved by 80% my treatments also have improved my heartburn. My neck has also gotten better.

– Larry D.

I’m a first time patient for any chiropractor, but I was AMAZED at my first time adjustment by Dr. Zook. I suffer from sinus/severe migraines and have been on meds for some time now. However, after seeing Dr. Zook, I’m able to sleep on my back without my head being propped up.I haven’t had to take my meds since. I’m in total amazement and I’m truly grateful to Dr. Zook for his ability to be an amazing gifted doctor. He is truly a blessing, full of knowledge and compassion for others. I hope to continue my road to recovery with the many obstacles that are threatening my health (asthma, allergies, lower back, spinal curve).

– Maggie P.

Dr. Zook adjusted me on a Wednesday and Thursday was the first day I didn’t feel any pain in 10 years!

– Jacque D.

My natural doctor had concerns about my central nervous system when he would test me. Nothing helped. I found out from Dr. Warren I had scoliosis. I called my natural doctor and told him about it. I did all my treatments and was re-tested by both. My nervous system is great and my scoliosis is gone.

– Donna C.

Since I started getting adjusted, my sinus problems have really improved.

– Tanya M.

I used to have a lot of neck and shoulder pain and lower back. I just ignored it for many years. Since starting with Dr. Warren I have much less and my knees don’t hurt much anymore. I still haven’t bowled my 300 but someday.

– Teresa K.

I had problems with low back pain and couldn’t exercise or run the way I wanted to. After a few adjustments, my back was noticeable better and my running improved.

– Anne P.

We started Gavin in chiropractic when he was 5 months old after having repetitive ear infections. He is now 14 months and hasn’t had one since he started!

– Mrs. M

I am a wellness patient. My back pain has been taken care of.

– Katie S.

I come in here and there when I can’t walk and I walk out the door feeling great.

– Casey M.

Since going to Dr. Zook on a regular basis, I’m able to eliminate taking allergy medicine.

– Jackie W.

I went to the medical doctor with no results for 3 weeks. Then I came to Adjust to Health and in two days I was better and could do things like before.

– Doug K.

When I first came in, I had muscle spasms in my back and nerve pain shooting down my leg. I was depressed and the pain made me anxious. I have bee off my meds and I’m no free of pain. I can sleep at night and get more done during the day!

– Judy S.

I feel more flexible and I am now able to stay away from Pepsi. I eat healthier foods and waatch the way I lift things.

– Dave S.

I did not have any physical symptoms but was told by another chiropractor that my spine was out of alignment. After 8 months of adjustments, it is now in alignment.

– Ardelle L.

My sinuses are improved. I no longer have headaches and my back feels much better.

– Pam P.

I have better movement in my back and much less back pain. Sitting is almost always with no pain now. I also am healthier and very seldom get sick.

– Mary R.

As a dental health professional, my neck and shoulders take a beating. After 3 adjustments by Dr. Warren, I no longer need the Ibuprofen!

– Mary D.

Nutrition Makeover Success Stories

I lost 4 pounds but quite a few inches. (whoo hoo!) I definitely have a different outlook as far as food goes and a better appreciation for food and what goes in my body. What enabled me to keep this up is how much better I feel physically and mentally. And the people I’ve met are inspiring and wonderful. Coming to my appointment is like coming to see family.

– Annette

I lost 12 pounds total but more than the weight loss I feel happier and more energetic. I feel like I do not need coffee anymore. I feel like I have the energy of a child (not a teenager but a child). I have cysts that have reduced. I have learned how to eat healtheier. I do not buy processed foods anymore. The fear of losing how great I feel right now keeps me from going back to an unhealthy lifestyle.

– Melissa

The biggest thing I learned was finally how to plan my meals out in advance. This has always been my issue with the information given. After being able to plan short meal goals, my confidence really increased. During this time I gained enough energy to keep up with my jobs, boys and massage. I have been able to run at least a mile wich I was NEVER able to complete before!

– Liz

I lost almost 2 BMI. My lifestyle changed a little by leaving out corn and rice. With such a small change it will be easier to keep the adjustment than someone who had to make a more drastic change.

– Bev

I lost 10 pounds. I have more energy. I am slowly but most definitely changing what and how I eat.

– Vicky

I lost 12 pounds, feel less bloated, not as tired and have more energy.

– Justin

I feel less bloated and not so tired in the mornings. I have also experienced weight loss.

– Bekki

I have more energy and have lost 7-8 pounds. I now know how to read food labels.

– Jan

I lost 23 pounds. I feel great. I have more energy. I sleep better. I am happier. We have made changes in the way we buy food. We buy as much as possible direct from local organic farms. We pay attention to what is in the food we eat and how it was processed.

– Steve

I lost 21 pounds during the official nutrition makeover. I learned how to eat more nutritious foods that are better for me than processed foods. I sleep better at night and seem to have more energy during the day. Also, I don’t feel as hungry during the day as I used to before so I plan on making this part of my new lifestyle for a very long time.

– Thomas