Lack of energy and not being able to control weight has become a common concern with many. While eating nutritionally and exercising daily are the staples to a healthy lifestyle, they only cover part of the battle in living it. It is important to understand that your body can take in things from the environment or be exposed to certain things that can bring your health down drastically effecting weight control, nerve flow and mental health.

Often times, a person needs to eliminate something from their lifestyle that cannot be fixed with the typical health routine. It may be a food sensitivity or exposure to a certain chemical that is weakening the body and needs to be found and healed. If you are having trouble with weight control or just feel like you lack energy and drive, consider implementing one or both of the below lifestyle changes as a way to eliminate factors that might be holding your health back.

1. Toxicity Control

Every day, we are exposed to hundreds of chemicals and since 1999, the CDC has measured 219 chemicals in people’s blood or urine. Toxicity in the body can suppress the immune system, making a person vulnerable to disease or cancer, even if they exercise and eat nutritionally. Even small exposure to the wrong thing can have a large impact on the human health. It is difficult to control what we are exposed to every day, but we can have some control over the lifestyle and the environment of our homes.

According to the EPA, our indoor environment is 2 – 5 times more toxic than our outdoor environment. One of the five major contributors to toxin exposure at home are the cleaning supplies. They contain several ingredients that are not only very harmful if ingested, but have been linked to organ disease and cancer as well. There may be a chemical in a home cleaner causing harm to your body or even your family’s existing health situation.

Eliminating exposure to these chemicals may improve your health while creating a less toxic environment in the home for others. One solution to eliminate these harmful cleaners is to use natural products for house cleaning. There are no harmful chemicals compared to commercial cleaners and there are simple recipes that are affordable and effective for all areas of cleaning. Utilize these cleaners to minimize your exposure to harmful chemicals while taking advantage of the many benefits of essential oils:

2. Total Food Makeover Program

Food sensitivities are very common today. Eating something that your body does not approve of can be evident through getting a slight headache after eating it, to a tumor in the body from years of consuming it. It is hard to know a food is hurting your health, unless you start over with eating core foods and re-introduce the common foods that cause sensitivity back into the routine.

Adjust to Health offers a Total Food Makeover, which is a 30-day program to improve your eating habits while learning about what foods are right for your body along with what foods you should avoid. Included in this workshop are tips on how to shop, reading food labels and a book with many food facts and simple recipes to promote healthy eating.

Click to learn how this makeover compares to the Weight Watchers’ program and what foods you focus on.

There are certain foods to eat that will provide energy, as well as foods that will make the body feel tired and weak. Through this program, you will learn about these types of foods and others that your body may be sensitive to. These could be the very root to why you feel weak or the reason for the lack of weight control.

Adjust to Heath Chiropractic is an advocate in teaching how live a healthy lifestyle through eliminating toxins, eating natural foods and utilizing regular chiropractic care. The Adjust to Health Chiropractors of Buffalo, Minnesota are here to help anyone wanting to live a healthy and balanced life.

*Be sure to use 100% essential oils for mixing in your cleaning supplies. There are many oils available on the market that are not 100% oil because they contain additives. When introducing new oils to your home or body, test a small amount on the skin to confirm there is no sensitivity. Have fun with mixing and matching oils to come up with your own fragrances.

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