Email Dr Warren @ to get your sign in details in the case that you misplaced them. I can email you your username and password to help get you set up for blog posts, and to be able to submit food diary.

Nutrition Makeover individuals if you have tried a good recipe Advanced / Core do reply to this blog with instructions/ingrediants, and I will do my best to post. Dr Heidi made no tators potatoes (out of cauliflower) and it was a hit tonight.

Organic Protein powder is on back order and should be in around July 9th. Sorry for any inconveniance. We also ordered daily detox, and vit D3 with probiotics.

Yours Healthfully, Dr Warren, DC

KrisTina said:
We made the recipe on the bag for Bob’s Red Mill Wheat Berries. Wheat Berry & White Bean Salad It’s VERY good, but I would cut the dressing in 1/2 or double the salad as it makes alot of dressing and you just want it coated, not soaked in it.

2010-07-29 16:44:30

Paula said:
I found this site that had some good recipes on it as a starting point. Quite a few of the ones I looked at were very easy to convert, as they were a meat, spices, veggies etc….(sorry, I know that it’s a low fat site, but I was looking for “healthy recipes” and got this one) I am sure many of the recipes will not work, but maybe we can find a few that are not too hard to convert. Here is a list of some that I thought wouldn’t be too hard to convert(I have only looked at a few myself): *Honey glazed chicken breast(skip the glaze or substitute something else…I did try this one, and the chicken is good by itself) *Beef and snow peas *Chicken tomatillio soup *Beef stew *Tuna and olive sandwiches(use canned organic chicken, and eat on flax crackers?) *greek fish fillets *Roasted herbed aspargus *spicy chicken tortilla soup

2010-10-09 20:09:19

Paula said:
I was telling a few people about this bread company. I am wondering if this would work on either plan. I am guessing not on the advanced, but maybe on the core. Also, can you have wheat germ on either plan? Thanks.

2010-10-11 05:44:04

Dr Warren said: would qualify for Core plan, however not advanced. Wheat Germ Y on Core no on advanced. Consider flax seed meal with spices as a replacement for wheat germ on the advanced plan. Dr WZ, DC

2010-10-11 11:38:04

Paula said:
I have a couple of questions: I just thought I would check out wal-mart to see if they had anything organic…they did have chicken(their breast meat was more expensive, but they had other cuts). Anyhow, it said it was from chickens that were vegetarian fed….what does that mean, and would those qualify. Also, they had non-organic raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries that were frozen and quite a bit cheaper. Are those something we should eat organic, or not, and I wasn’t sure if strawberries and blackberries are allowed on the advanced plan. Thanks.

2010-10-18 19:01:01

Dr Warren said:
In regards to vegetarian fed, I could see this being corn based. Typically if it is grass fed that will be advertised. In regards to the berries pesticides will go thru the flesh of the berry and into it so yes I would do organic if that can be prioritized. Blackberries are fine on the advanced, however strawberries in moderation. Great Questions.

2010-10-19 19:57:04

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