Dr. Heidi

Dr. Heidi Zook, DC specializes in pediatric Chiropractic, and women’s health. She had positive experiences in Chiropractic and natural health that lead her onto her current career path. She graduated from NWCC in 2002 and loves doing health care workshops at churches and businesses.

Dr. Heidi is in office Thursday mornings from 9:15am until 11:30am for adjustment services. Dr Heidi is an advocate of the Advanced and Core TFM plans, and her personal favorite is the vegetable lasagna, and asian turkey wraps.

She loves talking to church groups, doing church volunteer activities and being a Mom. In her spare time she likes to walk her dog, take the kids to activities, read, and keep the house in order.

Massage Therapists

Enjoy a heated massage table available at anytime of the year! People have traveled over 2 hours to see our massage therapists. AHC Chiropractic patient’s who have been adjusted within one calendar year of their massage service get a discount off massage prices relative to the regular public. A substantial time of service discount is available to our patients who pay time of service as well.

Nikki H.

Nikki H. is a Certified Massage therapist who enjoys giving Swedish, deep tissue and trigger point therapy massages. She has a passion for helping the patient get quality massages in a calm environment. She is in office Monday to Friday. Every 2nd Saturday by appointment.

Jeff H.

Jeff H. is a Certified Massage Therapist who finds giving massage to be almost as relaxing as receiving it. His bodywork style is nurturing with an intuitive touch he powerfully uncovers and unwinds the tension in his clients’ bodies while helping them deeply rest and relax the same time. Jeff offers Swedish, Deep Tissue/ Trigger Point Release, Hot Stone, Sports, Pre/ Post-natal massage, and Infant Massage Instruction. Jeff is available after 5:45pm Mon-Thu.

Our Massage Therapists have had excellent results with Motor Vehicle Accident patients, and Dr Warren and Dr Heidi Zook, DC’s utilize Nikki and Jeff’s massage services personally along with 6000 other patients and strongly suggest that you do to!