The Link Between Nutrition & Wellness – $15/person

Food event in Buffalo, MN by The Abundant Kitchen on Wednesday, May 8 2019
134 Lake Blvd. S., Buffalo, Minnesota 55313

Event Description

Have you experienced any of the following issues: headaches, lack of energy or chronic fatigue, digestive trouble, lack of concentration – brain fog, constant state of hunger, tired – not well rested, or frequent illness?

If you answered yes to one or more of these issues, come join Brian Moselle, owner of Integrated Health Services and Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner for a discussion on The Link Between Nutrition & Wellness.

Brian will share some simple ways to alleviate and even reverse these symptoms without the use of pharmaceuticals.

This will be a fun and informative discussion that will provide us with resources to help us make small, or large, changes in our life in order to improve our health and well-being.

Other topics of discussion:
· Why nutrition is important for overall health
· Just how healthy is the United States?
· Basics of food
· Soil – come on, it’s just dirt, right?
· Nutrient dense vs. nutrient deficient foods
· Your immune system
· Decoding the label language
· Who makes our “food?”
· Calories
· The dirty dozen & the clean fifteen
· Local food production
· Organic, is it worth it?